Articles of Interest




Alexander Jusczcuk

The Lord had sent Dr. R. Edward Miller to a Russian church in the northern Province of Chaco, Argentina. When he got there, he found out that they spoke only Russian. Dr. Miller spoke Spanish and English, but neither of them spoke the same language. The only way of conversing with the pastor, was to point to a scripture . . . more >


Allen Gardiner

The following is a story of tragedy, and later glory. It tells of the death of the English Christian missionary, martyr and sailing vessel Captain Allen Gardiner and team, at the ends of the earth in “Tierra Del Fuego” (land of fire), Argentina during the nineteenth century . . . more >


Argentine Revival

Argentina has known many moves of God. It began with the Tommy Hicks crusade and its aftermath in the 1950s. It continued with many waves of glory and manifested Presence of God in the late 1960s. The Charismatic outpouring of the Holy Spirit in the 1970s swept the churches of the entire country. Later, the evangelistic crusades . . . more >


Doors of Ministerial Opportunities

We don't know if the author of the following article received this material in a vision or if it was a creative expression flowing from his heart. The author refers to ministry unto God, communion with Him, and entering into His Presence as the highest door of opportunity. Read it, and you will surely be blessed . . . more >


Finland Revivals

I have encountered so many regrets in people’s lives of not having fulfilled the destiny they felt they had in life, and feeling like it is too late. All the “would have, could have, should haves” flood their minds! Well, I would like to tell you a true life story as told to me . . . more >


God Visits Panama

In April of 1991, we went to visit our friend, who at that time was living in the country of Panama, Central America, working for the U.S. government in the city of Panama. During our stay there, we experienced a devastating earthquake . . . more >


Open Arms Children's Outreach

In 2002, Robert Miller had a dream. In this dream, there was a large dining hall with hundreds of happy children and young people eating at several long tables. It was apparent by the way they were dressed, and by the way they acted, that they were all from very under privileged . . . more >


Tommy Hicks

In 1951, Demos Shackarian, a wealthy businessman, was getting very discouraged because things just were not working out well with the Full Gospel Business Men’s organization he had started. Depressed, he began to agonize in prayer. One night, God’s heavenly atmosphere filled their house. . . . more >